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yoga in english

Yoga in English is taught at De Yogaschool in Enschede. Hatha Yoga mainly contains Asanas (postures) because these postures can remove many “disturbances” in the body. In addition, the Hatha Yoga classes pay attention to breathing exercises, targeted relaxation exercises and concentration. The classes provide a very nice basis for the yoga practitioner. You will quickly and clearly feel the difference. Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 18.00. 

Tranquility and clarity

By practicing concentration and meditation you will get more peace and clarity. Your life will become more organized and you will experience less pressure and stress.

A healthy body

The practice of Hatha Yoga makes your body stronger, smoother and generally healthier. Any pain or complaints diminish.

Lead your life

The increase in vitality, clarity and tranquility will also provide a greater feeling of freedom and happiness. This is because you take charge of your own life again.

a healthy foundation

Hatha Yoga provides a very healthy basis for your life. The physical postures ensure that you become stronger and more flexible, any complaints you have decrease. In addition, your energy store will function better, you will experience more vitality. In addition, you also develop more peace and clarity through the concentration and meditation exercises. In short, Hatha Yoga is a very good basis for a healthy life.

Jose yogahouding in Enschede
Balans stenen yoga

on your own pace

It is true that the practice of Hatha Yoga quite quickly, has many positive effects. The development of every person is different, everyone has a different physical constitution and is at a different point in their life. That is why it is good that you work completely at your own pace. The teachers know this, so you never have to do something that you don’t like or that doesn’t feel right. You can fully practice yoga at your own pace.

about jan

Hi, my name is Jan, 33 years old and living in Enschede. I work as a visual artist, in this I have focused on making portraits and still lifes in oil paint. In 2016 I attended an information evening of De Yogaschool. This felt like coming home. In the years that followed I learned a lot about myself. Deep-rooted, destructive patterns have given way to more peace, stability, vitality and a big Joy in Life. That I can now pass this on as your teacher hatha yoga feels like a beautiful gift. I hope to meet you in this English class.

Beautifull classrooms

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Every Tuesday and Wednesday 18.00 – 19.30  at Lasonderstraat 3a. By Jan


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